The Law Offices of Michael J. Zhang is a highly regarded immigration law firm in the Los Angeles Metro Area. Over the last twenty years, our firm has become a leading expert in all areas of immigration law, and specializing in domestic and international corporate law. Our firm is trusted by many business professionals, companies, and entrepreneurs who have been featured in magazines such as Fortune and Forbes. We are also highly regarded by many nationally and internationally acclaimed entertainers, celebrities, media professionals, and athletes.

We are a multi-cultural firm, and all of our attorneys and employees are proficient in at least two languages. This not only allows us to communicate with our clients more effectively than other firms, but also allows us to understand each of our clients' cultural backgrounds and the legal system of their home countries. Therefore, we understand the context for each of our clients' cases and perfectly adapt our services to meet their individual needs. Thus, while our expertise and experience rivals that of much larger firms, we provide a uniquely personalized client experience.

Our highly skilled and specialized legal professionals provide efficient and cost-effective services. When you come into our office you will be greeted by our founding partner himself, Mr. Michael J. Zhang, because we value each of our clients no matter how small your case is. Our unique approach has allowed us to create many cherished and long-lasting client relationships. For us there is no greater joy than achieving our clients' goals and seeing the satisfaction that this brings them. We invite you to contact our firm for exceptional legal advice and a uniquely personal client interaction.​​

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